Summer Camp FAQ: What To Bring

Hoblitzelle Packing List

Packing List:

  • Sheets, and one light sleeping bag or blanket
  • One pillow and one pillow case
  • Two or three towels, a washcloth
  • Toiletries; toothpaste, toothbrush, soap & deodorant (as needed)
  • Two modest swimsuits *gals: one-piece only
  • One pair of water shoes/flip flops
  • Four or five shorts
  • One pair of pants
  • Seven or eight t-shirts *please note modesty requirements
  • Seven–eight pairs of underwear
  • Two pair of pajamas
  • Seven–eight pair of socks
  • One flashlight
  • Theme costumes *optional – see theme events
  • One pair indoor/outdoor athletic shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Cap or hat to protect from sun exposure
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 recommended)
  • Bible
  • Paper/Notebook and pen
  • Self addressed stamped envelopes
  • Plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes
  • Raincoat/Light jacket or sweater as weather dictates
  • Any prescribed medications *please note Camp Hoblitzelle's medication policy

Please Note: This is only a suggested list – you are the final authority. Please pack in one suitcase or bag. It is advisable that children bring old, but usable clothes rather than new clothing or sneakers. The Camp DOES NOT launder clothing. Pack enough for the length of your child's camp stay and possible "weather change" conditions, e.g., rainy days.

Camp Hoblitzelle strives to teach modesty in dress, therefore the following dress standards are followed:

  • No two-piece swimsuits are allowed
  • No clothing which allows underwear to be exposed
  • No clothing which leaves the midriff exposed

Handy Hint: Pack the check list in your child's luggage so they know what to bring home!

Theme Nights

We encourage campers to bring items appropriate for each theme; however, they are not necessary for them to enjoy the camp experience. Below are recommendations of items to pack for each theme.

Themes will be posted at end of April 2012.

Medication Requirements

All medications of any kind must follow our Medication Policy. Any medication brought to camp that does not follow our guidelines will not be accepted. You are accountable to know and follow these guidelines.

Label Everything

It is much easier to locate the owner with everything either labeled or tagged with your camper's name. Doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Camp Hoblitzelle will not be responsible for lost items!!

Things To Leave At Home

Cell phones, PSP, tablet/ipads, ipods, jewelry, magazines, candy, gum, alcohol, and tobacco. No expensive cameras! (Parents, this includes any care packages you might send to your camper during camp).

Do not bring cash to camp – there are no additional charges whilst at camp.

Do not bring common meds like Aspirin and Tylenol, unless prescribed – we have some we'll share.

Please Note: Any of the above items found at check in or during camp will be taken up, stored in the camp stafe, and all non-food items will be returned at departure time.

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